A Key West Biplane Tour, Done Like A LOCAL

One of my absolute favorite things to do, this is bucket list for sure.  Seeing our islands and waters from just a couple of hundred feet in the air from an open-air cockpit, is something you must do.

A Key West Biplane Tour is a must-do activity.

Okay, Seriously--How Often do You
Plan to Do Something Like This?

After you've done a Key West Biplane Tour once, the answer will be "Not often enough", lol.  Let me tell you: there's nothing like riding in an airplane with an open cockpit.  It's like the difference between riding in a car with a hardtop, and a convertible.  think about that for a second.  It's a completely different experience!

You're also much lower, and flying at a much slower speed than you normally would be.  This is not looking out of a window doing 500 miles an hour at 25,000 feet!  You can't help but love it!

Why Should You Use My Recommendations?

For starters, as I explain on my homepage, I began this website because for years I've watched some of these Key West Florida & Florida Keys companies, and some of the people that work for them, say and do some absolutely atrocious shit.  Remember, most of the people you see in those "Information" Booths, and some on the phones when you call a company work on a commission-only basis with no salary, and are apt to say anything to you to get you "off the fence" if you're being indecisive.

I'm not saying all of them do this, of course.

But if you suspect that someone got over on you in any way during your trip to Key West Florida and the Florida Keys, it takes away from your impression of what the Keys are:

Cool, laid-back, and legit. Real. Honest.

And that really pisses me OFF.

Secondly, I give a portion of all profits to local charities, because I feel that it's the right thing to do.  As a big believer in karma, living in Key West Florida and the Florida Keys is ridiculously expensive, and there are folks here that can really use some help.

I mean, even if you have very little, there's always people that are doing worse than you, right?

Also keep in mind that the prices I get for you are highly competitive, maybe even the cheapest, because I bring some of these companies a fair amount of business.  I'm not gonna get rich doing this, but it helps me to eat/drink/ride/get in for free a lot of the places I go, so it doesn't suck to be me! ;-)

So if you understand and believe in what I'm doing, I hope that you'll book through Freshwater Dave Key West, 'cause I'm trying to look out for you and our island's reputation.

And make some beer money (hey, I'm being honest!).

If not, I'm sorry to hear that, but either way, I hope you have a great time visiting Key West Florida and the Florida Keys!

(Oh, and if you could please "like" and "follow" Freshwater Dave Key West on Facebook and Twitter, and leave a comment below, that'd be cool, too!)

About to take off. 

Exciting, Romantic, Nostalgic...
Just Some of the Reasons You Should
Do a Key West Biplane Tour!

And there are others: the view.  The sounds.  The pure once-in-a-lifetime of it!

And remember, it's a tour, and these folks have been doing this for generations.  Their narrative is fun and informative, and they know their way around the skies of Key West Florida.

Ready?  Choose a flight from below, and let me know how you'd like to do this:

Option 1: Keep it Simple

Over Sunset Key.

Don't have a lot of time? This is a solid option.  You'll see Key West Florida in it's entirety: the landmarks, harbors, and historic points of interest from only 500 feet up. Beautiful!  Have your camera ready!


Option 2: Add the Reef

A Key West Biplane Tour at one of the many lighthouses in the Florida Keys.

Everything in the above tour, plus:  you'll fly out to the Great Florida Reef, the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States, and the third largest in the worldThe view is stunning:  The blue-green waters, unique coral formations and marine life seen from so low in the air will leave you at a loss for words.  Dolphins, Sting Rays, Sharks (!)... don't let bugs fly into your mouth, 'cause your jaw is gonna drop to the floor (of the plane)!


Option 3: The Sunset Tour

I don't really have to explain this one to you, do I?  There's a reason this is their most popular tour: Everything in the above two tours, then add a dazzling sunset seen while flying above the crowds that gather every night for the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.  Bucket list, indeed!  Do yourself a favor, and book this one early--it may already be sold out for special occasions like Valentine's Day!


Go on a Key West Biplane Ride,
and Scratch This One
Off of Your Bucket List!

Hey, you know this is something that you gotta do, right?  Well, what better place than Key West Florida to do it?  It's got everything needed to make the flight memorable:  The weather, the view...  c'mon, you'll have a great time!  I'm not kidding when I say that this activity sells out fast--book it as soon as possible!